Rags rental? No, Thanks

Buy your rags.

You spare and respect the environment

Why is the purchase cheaper than the rental?

The rental contract may even cost twice as much as the purchase -disposal and transport solution.Moreover ,buying your rag you can vary everytime you desire the type of rag : more or less absorbent , more or less smooth , more or less abrasive, a.s.o.This variety is the better adaptability to the job to be done.You can have the same size for your rags.Our sellers can suggest you the most suitable solution for your productive and economic needs.

The right choice!

„I had heard about the rental service and I wanted to try . After a short time I realized that I needed rags with different characteristics and I decided to delete the contract . It took more than 14 months to freemyself…“

„When I was offered the rental , it seemed like a good idea but ,when I needed more pieces during a very important job , I had to buy them separately because the rental contract did not include more pieces.“

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